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Uganda : Agroecology and nutrition

Food insecurity is high among the people of north-eastern Uganda. The cause is recurrent drought, which has led to a fall in agricultural productivity.

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3 years


Fédération genevoise de coopération (FGC)


CHF 544'446.--


2'000 households


In addition, following the Covid-19 crisis, poor access to markets has exacerbated food insecurity. Faced with the many challenges encountered in the Amudat region (north-eastern Uganda), FH is working with farmers to improve agricultural and livestock production in an environmentally friendly way, using agro-ecological practices. The development of technical and entrepreneurial skills is encouraged and access to resources improved. These changes have a positive impact on household incomes and the health of livestock, increasing crop yields and reducing post-harvest losses.
Agro-ecological practices and behavioural changes help to regenerate the environment and improve the local microclimate, increasing humidity and biodiversity and helping to preserve water resources.
Beneficiaries are also trained to change their behaviour in terms of nutrition, water and hygiene. FH also supports the adoption of alternative energy sources, helping to protect biodiversity. Finally, the social integration of women is promoted.


  1. Improving sustainable agricultural and livestock production through the adoption of agro-ecological practices.
  2. Promote positive behavioural changes in terms of nutrition, water and hygiene.


  • Training in agro-ecological techniques and support for agricultural and irrigation equipment.
  • Training in livestock care and support with veterinary supplies.
  • Training in storage, entrepreneurship and sales.
  • Environmental regeneration, support for the creation of plant nurseries.
  • Training in nutrition using local products, hygiene and support for latrines.

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Sustainable development goals

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Eradicate hunger, ensure food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture Achieve gender equality. Empowering women and girls
More information on the 17 United Nations SDGs

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