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Rwanda is a magnificent green country of the African Great Lakes region but it still carries the scars of the genocide of 1994 where almost a million people died.

FH started working in Rwanda in 1995 in response to the humanitarian crisis caused by the genocide. FH started its activities by bringing emergency aid to refugees, returning families, destitute families and orphans.

In 1999 tasks were reoriented towards the sustainable development of different communities. Starting with Child development programmes, FH Rwanda now works in different areas like agriculture, education, economic development, water and sanitation.

What do we do in Rwanda?

  • Improving agricultural production through training and improved seed varieties (non GMC) and promoting better marketing processes
  • Instituting radical terracing to fight against erosion, planting hedges, agro-forestry
  • Training of community leaders in managing associations and cooperatives,
  • Creating small businesses and cooperatives
  • Training in financial management, providing access to banking.
  • Providing animals (goats, cows), training in livestock farming

Child development and education

Access to primary education, access to health care, to health insurance, nutritional follow-up of children, training parents.

Health, water and sanitation

Health care and training for people living with AIDS. Training and sensitising about hygiene. Building latrines and water tanks.

Due to all the above measures, farming cooperatives and families are able to increase their crops in a sustainable manner and increase their income. All the children attend school and receive health care. Family situations improve, not only on an economic level but social cohesion is strengthened and peace is sustained.

Our projects in Rwanda


Rwanda : Support for agricultural cooperatives


To strengthen the agricultural associations and the cooperatives in Rwanda

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