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Personal data privacy policy

Purpose and field of application

FH Switzerland is highly concerned by your personal data and the protection of your privacy. For these reasons, our privacy policy has been drawn up in accordance with the provisions and definitions set by the Swiss Federal Law on Data Protection (LPD - RS 235.1).

The purpose of this policy is to inform you about all the measures and precautions we use to protect your personal information. The data involved here generally includes information obtained through your donations, your registration for our events or our newsletters, when you contact us directly (by e-mail or telephone).

How do you use my personal data?

We guarantee that all your data is used only for the purposes for which it was transmitted to us. This means that it will be shared with third parties only when necessary. For example, we may share your information to a printer in order to send our usual documents. Of course, each third-party institution we work with is subject to the same requirements regarding the protection of personal data.

We do not keep or have access to your bank information. When you make an online donation, your data is encrypted. It is then impossible for us to collect this information. Concerning your name and addresses, this information is stored in our database in Geneva and accessible only to authorized persons who have signed our privacy statement.

Your personal data is used, generally, to send you our newsletters and our annual report by post or e-mail We will never sell your information to companies or individuals for commercial purposes.

Can I ask to get my personal data removed from your database?

The possibility to erase these data are available at any time, you only need to send us a request by email at or contact us by phone at 022/755.35.75.

We remain at your disposal and we will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding your personal information. You can contact us through the same communication channels provided above.