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Karamoja : Towards sustainable socio-economic transformation

Food insecurity is significant among the populations in the Northeast of Uganda, in the Karamoja region. This is due to recurrent droughts that have led to decreased agricultural productivity. Additionally, restrictions related to the Covid-19 crisis have exacerbated food insecurity. Faced with numerous challenges in the region, FH supports farmers in improving environmentally friendly agricultural and livestock production through agro-ecological practices.
Mariam dans son champMariam in her field

Through Mariam’s story, discover how this project has helped transform her family’s life.

« From sorrow to abundance », Mariam's story

"In 2004, after my separation, I had to face life alone with my children. I didn’t have many options, but I had two acres of land and started growing corn. It took effort, but the harvest eventually turned out well. I sold what I could and kept the rest for our consumption. Gradually, it became our livelihood. I then started raising chickens and growing vegetables. Years passed, some good, some not. The poor harvest of 2015 hit me hard, but I didn’t give up. I diversified, planting sorghum alongside corn.

In 2018, when FH came along, it was a new beginning for our family. I learned new agricultural techniques and financial management tools. We also received resources – animals, a plow, seeds, and a generator for irrigation. My work took on another dimension; it was no longer just about surviving, but thriving.

Today, I manage a small farm that allows me to feed my family, meet their needs, and provide for my children’s education. I even managed to build a sturdier house. As a model farmer, I share what I’ve learned with other female farmers. Thank you to those who support FH, because without you, my story would be different. Thanks to your help, I’ve been able to build my future.”

Tangibles progress

With 2,343 direct beneficiaries, nearly 10,000 indirect ones, and an equitable distribution between men and women, the project has also recorded notable successes:
Access to drinking water: The rehabilitation of wells has significantly improved access to water, reducing the burden on women and enhancing security.

Support for agriculture: The introduction of modern agricultural tools has boosted productivity and competitiveness.

Empowerment of women: Initiatives have strengthened their economic and social role in the community.

WASH and nutrition practices: The promotion of hygiene and a diverse diet has improved health.

Income generation: Activities such as savings and the sale of veterinary medicines have strengthened the local economy.

Mariam’s journey symbolizes the strength of our project and the power of targeted support. Join us to continue our support in the Karamoja region and keep transforming lives.

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