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My cow changed my life!

Celestin lives with his wife and 5 children in the Gisuru district of Burundi. He joined the FH program in 2016, he tells us his story.

« Before joining FH, I could not produce enough to feed my family because my land was not fertile enough. My children got into the habit of missing school and begging on the streets for a few coins. Then we received a cow from FH and my children have milk every morning and with the manure my crops are much better and the meals more varied. Now my children go to school every day on a full stomach and they are healthier. I also joined a savings group called Tugwanyubukene which means “let’s fight poverty” and I’m even the one in charge now! I have confidence in the future and I dream of becoming a big producer of selected seeds because I noticed how important it is for a farmer »

Thank you for your trust, to help families like Celestin’s to escape extreme poverty:

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"Thanks to FH, I have obtained fifty banana plants. Today, my plantation is producing a good harvest. We eat some of it and the rest we sell. I was also able to buy two goats. I'll be giving a few plants to my neighbours for the next season" Gervais, Burundi
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