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Faites de l'agroécologie : Two inspiring days of discussion and reflection

On 15 and 16 October, we celebrated the 5th edition of our "Faites de l'agroecologie!" in partnership with several associations.
The event brought together passionate, inquisitive and committed minds for two days of meetings and reflection on agroecology.

A sunny day of conviviality and exchange
On Sunday 15 October, the Place de Meyrin was transformed into a veritable village for our "Faites de l'Agroécologie" event. The sun generously embraced the day, bringing together local and international solidarity associations for a series of events, workshops and music. A visit to the market gardens of the Ferme de Meyrin at the foot of the new Vergers eco-neighbourhood, storytelling about food and agricultural production in a playful way, a chocolate-making workshop... there were plenty of activities to interest young and old alike.
The challenges of agroecology in the North and ehe South

On 16 October, to mark World Food Day, we met in the majestic setting of the Palais Eynard in Geneva. Our debate on the challenges of agroecology in the North and South was a moment of reflection and inspiration. The large and diverse audience bore witness to the importance of these topical issues in relation to our food,, agriculture and consumption. Our speakers from Togo, Burundi and Switzerland shared their expertise and experiences, tackling the crucial issues linked to agro-ecology and sustainable food systems.
Watch the debate on Youtube

Agroecology is at the heart of our mission, and these two days have strengthened our belief in its transforming power. We are proud to continue to promote sustainable farming practices and help create a better future for our planet and our communities.

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to everyone who helped make these events a success, as well as to our partner associations for their commitment and enthusiasm.

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