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March 8: Gender equality at the heart of our commitment!

To mark International Women's Day, FH Switzerland would like to highlight gender-related challenges through the story of Thérèse, a mother of two living in Burundi. Involved in coffee cooperatives and the fight against domestic violence, Thérèse embodies change and hope in a society where the road to equality is fraught with obstacles.
The program Thérèse took part in illustrates our commitment to improving living conditions, empowering, and emancipating women in Africa's Great Lakes region.

Through activities such as training in agroecological techniques, animal husbandry, savings groups, and raising awareness of gender issues and domestic violence, Thérèse has been able to transform her life and that of her community.

 In a patriarchal society such as Burundi, a woman becoming president of a coffee cooperative seemed utopian. Thérèse challenged these prejudices, revealing that it was not only possible for a woman to lead, but also to benefit economically from the sale of coffee. However, the obstacle of access to land for growing coffee persists, reflecting a deep-rooted inequality that Thérèse is determined to overcome.

Thanks to improvements in her living conditions and income, Thérèse can now offer her children better nutrition and access to education and healthcare - fundamental aspects of breaking the cycle of poverty and violence.

Thérèse's story is a powerful example of what can be achieved when women are supported and empowered to overcome social and economic obstacles. She is currently planning to buy land in town to build a mill, thus diversifying her sources of income and strengthening her economic independence.

On this special day, we celebrate the courage and resilience of women like Thérèse. We join this fight to help and support all those who aspire to follow in her footsteps.
Join us in our commitment to make rural communities more equal, where every woman can realize her full potential and live a life free from violence and discrimination. Together, we can help women achieve this goal!

Thérèse lors d'une séance de formation
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