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I've made a new start!

News from the reintegration project for women survivors of violence in Katogota in the DRC started in 2022. It concerns 120 beneficiaries and is focused on agriculture and savings and credit groups.

The project is progressing well, in 2022, the OBC* facilitators have been trained by FH in agroecology and the organization of village savings and credit associations. Each facilitator supervises and supports 30 women. The beneficiaries received seeds (corn, beans, etc.) and animals for raising small livestock and poultry and began savings activities. Some have even already started their small business like Marie* who tells us her story.

« I live with a disability: I have a limp in my left leg. Furthermore, with my past**, I was considered a good-for-nothing in my community.
Thanks to this project and the loan from our savings and credit association, I started a small business selling charcoal. I can buy food and also soap, which used to be a luxury. I feel free because I have money in addition to the value of my stock of coal.
Today, I feel useful, because people need my merchandise, and therefore me.
Before the project, I had nothing. I made a new start and live today with more optimism and confidence. »

Marie*(*assumed first name) 28 years old, 4 children

We need your donations to continue to support the women of Katogota and enable them to reintegrate into their community and move forward with hope.
Thank you for your gift !

*This is the association we work with in Katogota. OBC was created in 2000 on the initiative of the women of Katogota to help victims of sexual violence who had difficulty confiding in male caregivers or social workers during their care. It has become the center of a fight against all forms of violence committed against women.

** As survivors of sexual violence, women are often stigmatized by those around them and in their communities.

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