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StopPauvreté conference, April 6 in Biel.

Faith. Climate. Hope. Conference and workshops about the Justice and Sustainability study.
The results of the "Justice and Sustainability" study commissioned by Interaction and StopPauvreté will be unveiled for the first time at the forthcoming StopPauvreté conference!
The study questioned over 2,500 people in Switzerland and Germany about their attitudes and behaviour towards social justice and ecological sustainability, and how they relate these to their faith.

Should Christians really be fighting poverty, inequality or climate change? Should they live sustainably? What does the Bible say about this? And how are these issues dealt with in churches and communities? The empirica study on social justice and ecological sustainability looked at these questions. Particular emphasis was placed on the role of Christian faith in attitudes and behaviour towards justice and sustainability.
The varied, surprising and exciting results will be presented on this day. They will be discussed in interactive workshops that will look at ways of putting them into practice in parishes, churches and Christian charities. This will provide added value for all church professionals and volunteers, scientists and anyone else interested in the subject.

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