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“Thanks to FH, I now have access to clean water near my village. This saves us from having to walk long distances every day to fetch it. We have more time to focus on our crops and school. We have enough water for our consumption, hygiene, and to cook and wash clothes. I am proud that our village finally has running water, it’s a dream come true!” Monica, Uganda

Access to clean water is a vital necessity for any community. Water plays a crucial role in improving health, economic development, and resilience to climate change. FH's water supply projects aim to provide reliable and sustainable water sources to vulnerable communities, thereby improving their quality of life and their capacity to face environmental challenges.

Through our water access initiatives, we strive to:

  • Reduce Waterborne Diseases: By providing clean water, we decrease the incidence of diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid, thereby improving the overall health of communities.

  • Strengthen Food Security: With regular access to water, families can irrigate their crops, diversify their diets, and increase their income by selling surplus produce.

  • Save Time and Effort: By installing water points close to homes, we free up precious time for women and children, allowing them to focus on education and other economic activities.

  • Improve Hygiene: Access to water allows for better personal and domestic hygiene, reducing the spread of diseases and improving living conditions.

  • Enhance Climate Resilience: Sustainable water systems help communities adapt to climate variations, ensuring a constant water supply even during droughts.

Through our actions, we contribute to improving water access for the populations we support. Depending on the context of each region, our activities vary: in Uganda, we help construct boreholes to draw water from deep underground; in Burundi, we assist in extending water supply networks; and in Rwanda, we support farmers by providing pedal pumps to facilitate irrigation.
By supporting our projects, you help transform lives by providing an essential resource for the survival and sustainable development of communities in the Great Lakes region of Africa.

With 30 Swiss francs, you fund 4 meters of piping to extend water supply networks.
With 60 Swiss francs, you contribute to the funding of a new borehole (total cost: CHF 10,000).
With 185 Swiss francs, you can provide a water pump to a farmer.


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