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Accelerated compost or bokashi

Last October 16, during our day dedicated to agroecology and young people at the Jardins de Mamajah, the curious were able to discover an accelerated compost or bokashi technique used on the farm. Back in detail on this method.

What is Bokashi compost?

It is an artisanal production of humus available in less than a month and carried out using a living composting process optimized using micro-organisms from the forest.
It has many advantages: it transforms methane into amino acid, eliminates heavy metals and revives life in eroded soils. In addition, compost no longer gives off unpleasant odors, it frees agriculture from its dependence on chemicals and makes it possible to optimize organic crops.

The Recipe for preparing a ton of Bokashi compost

600 kg - Animal manure (provides: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium)
200 kg - Local topsoil (increases the environment for microbiological activity)
50 kg - Wheat or barley bran (promotes fermentation)
40 kg - Charcoal (protective role of micro-organisms in the soil)
20 kg - Ash (provides calcium carbonate and minerals to the ground)
20 kg - Molasses or fruit waste (source of energy promoting fermentation)
5 kg - Rock flour (source of phosphorus)
65 kg - Liquid microorganisms (source of microbial inoculation), prepared as tea/infusion in rainwater with molasses

In summary
This compost is a complete fertilizer which nourishes the humus and improves the structure of the soil, it can be produced as desired on the farm, at low cost because all the inputs used are present on site and this composting process does not emit any odor. unpleasant.
It is a healthy and living compost, which smells of the forest to take care of the Earth and restore the soil to a living environment in full growth!

Thanks to Philippe Rohner and Raji from Mamajah for sharing their recipe with us!

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