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Together we can do better!

First news from the project to help reintegrate women in Katogota

The project has just started and it is already generating a lot of enthusiasm, hope and joy.
The training of facilitators on agro-ecological practices and on the organization of village savings and credit associations has been completed and they will in turn be able to begin training the 90 beneficiaries of the project soon.


Mrs. Mugoli, the president of the OBC Majengo organization, testifies:

« We have been supporting our sisters who are victims of human wickedness for over ten years. However, we have never had so much satisfaction coming to them with a background as constant and promising as that which we are going to present to them. We will go to them to tell them we are going to restore our soils which have become infertile, we are going to produce better and our lives are going to change! We're going to tell them let's have confidence in ourselves, we're not that poor and we can do wonders together! We can save so we don’t live hand to mouth. Together we will do better. I know that with the training we have received thanks to the generosity of FH Switzerland and its donors, our lives will change and we will have a better future. ».

Madame Mugoli

Our latest news

March 8: Gender equality at the heart of our commitment!

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To mark International Women's Day, FH Switzerland would like to highlight gender-related challenges through the story of Thérèse, a mother of two living in Burundi. Involved in coffee cooperatives and the fight against domestic violence, Thérèse embodies change and hope in a society where the road to equality is fraught with obstacles.
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Burundi | Action
"Thanks to FH, I have obtained fifty banana plants. Today, my plantation is producing a good harvest. We eat some of it and the rest we sell. I was also able to buy two goats. I'll be giving a few plants to my neighbours for the next season" Gervais, Burundi
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Avoiding chemical fertilizers is possible.

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Excerpts from an interview with Prosper Nyonsaba, head of food security at FH Burundi, our partner organization in Burundi.
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StopPauvreté conference, April 6 in Biel.

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Faith. Climate. Hope. Conference and workshops about the Justice and Sustainability study.
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