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Improving living conditions, support for coffee producers

Washing stations (where the pulp is removed from coffee beans) which are run by cooperatives can produce high quality coffee. The objective is to assist coffee producers in actually producing good quality coffee, which can then be sold at a good price ; in turn, it provides a better income. In the end, the cooperatives should be self-managed.

In the Kayanza province coffee producers are trained in sustainable coffee production. In particular they will be :

  • trained in setting up cooperatives
  • trained in increasing productivity of their coffee trees
  • helped in improving the overall quality of their coffee, from production to marketing
  • trained in the sustainable maintenance of coffee plantations
  • linked with buyers specialized in international coffee trading

FH has already supported more than 600 coffee growers in the creation of two cooperatives, active now since 3 years. Due to the success of this pilot project, FH will spread its support to 5 new ones. Thus, 7 self-managed cooperatives of coffee growers will be in place at the end of the 3 year project.

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