Support for the fight against food insecurity in DRC

With the strengthening of agricultural production and small livestock farming, this project aims to improve the conditions of living of the vulnerable populations in the surroundings of Bukavu, in South Kivu.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the countries most affected by malnutrition: 75% of the population suffers from it, according to the FAO. War and climate change reduce the potential for agricultural production. Deforestation and slash-and-burn cultivation increase the erosion and the loss of fertility of the land.
The population must also face numerous other obstacles generated by the wars, notably the internal migration of the population, the difficulty to supply for basic necessities, the plundering of goods, of fields and of livestock.

Objectives of the project

  • To increase agricultural production and livestock farming with the multiplication and distribution of seeds and of genitors of high quality;
  • To strengthen the production skills of the cultivators by promoting new agricultural techniques and by fighting biologically against destructive insects;
  • To improve the fertility of soils by using fertilization techniques and anti-erosion integrated technology.
The trained members of local development organization (LDO) represent 90% of vulnerable households: widows, women victim of sexual violence, responsible but abandoned women, households who were victim of plunder by armed rebels, households caring for orphans or elderly people and large families.

Results obtained by FH through LDOs are efficient and sustainable.

Project number: P310
Number of beneficiaries: 750 families (4’500 individuals)
Support foreseen in 2014: CHF 110,000.--


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